My cat is better than you♡
  • blonde-wbu:

my friend and I are obsessed with eos… lol
SHE took this pic with my camera, she’s a natural c;
  • freppuccino:

skai jackson in the background tho
  • neon-cray0n:

i love how it’s a guy doing this, because it’s showing that society pressures us, too.
  • awkotwix:

My mirror broke after i took this picture… Oh wow that’s 7 years of bad luck i guess. ig: ilovecoke_
  • sprinkles-omq:

Starbucks with my bestie 
  • u1timate:

  • qualitinq:

o look itsa taco
  • tbhdaisies:

love my sisters phone case
please don’t change the source